On Saturday evening, 9th November 1907, the 5th Ipswich Company of the Boys’ Brigade, headed by their bugle band, marched to the residence of the new Mayor, Harry Raffe. They lined up in front of his house, and the officer commanding Captain P E Read sent in an illuminated address of congratulations and to express their gratitude for the great kindness Mr. Raffe and his family had shown to the 5th Company. The address which had been signed by the honorary captain Mr. Frederick Edward Rands, bore a silver anchor, and the Boys’ Brigade crest. Unfortunately, the Mayor was not expecting the 5th Company and was not at home. The general salute was played, and the 5th Company marched back to their headquarters. Evening Star – Tuesday, 12th November 1907 





Suffolk Chronical  & Mercury newspaper 12th December 1919.


Nobly as Ipswich has risen in response to the appeal for £50,00 in
respect of its War Memorial Fund, final triumph has not yet been
achieved financially. Just over £5,000 is still earnestly sought, and,
further, it is hoped that those who have promises outstanding – which
reach a total of £10,000 – will find it convenient to make payment as
soon as possible, so that the fund may have the advantage of the
interest that will accrue.

The interesting fact was revealed at a recent meeting of the Committee,
when Mr. G.M.B. Langdon, one of the hon. secretaries, presented a
statement, showing the progress of the fund to the present, that a grand
total of £44,500 had been paid or promises outstanding, and about £500
is in the hands of the Treasurers. Of the grand total, it is also worthy
of note that £468 was the result of the Works Collection, whilst the net
proceeds from the war memorial fete in Christchurch Park amounted to

In opening the meeting the ex-Mayor (Mr. E.C.Ransome) was presiding, and
then formally handed over the the Mayor (Alderman F.E.Rands) the
chairmanship of the Fund.

In accepting the position the Mayor proposed a hearty vote of thanks to
Mr. E.C.Ransome for the excellent work he had accomplished in the
inauguration of that fund, and further, in bringing it to its present
successful position, pointing out that it was the largest fund ever
raised in Ipswich.

Mr. J.D.Cobbold seconded, and Mr. F.G. Baker having warmly associated
himself with the comments made, thanks were accorded with unanimity.

The plans of the memorial wing to the Hospital were submitted by the
Hospital authorities and formally approved. There was an obvious sense
of satisfaction on the part of the members of the Memorial Committee
that the plans were so comprehensive, providing, as they do, for a
larger number of beds than was originally intended, and this
satisfaction will doubtless find itself reflected in the thoughts of the

The information was also forthcoming that tenders were being invited,
which points to an early start being effected on this worthy scheme, of
which Ipswichians will have justification in feeling a warm pride when
they see it in the fullness of its accomplishment. The prospect of
building operations being shortly commenced again points to the
necessity of emphasising the importance, not only of responding with the
promises already made, but also that those who, as yet, have not
expressed their gratitude by contributing as a thankful offering, of
sending their subscription, however large or however small, to His
Worship the Mayor, Town Hall, Ipswich, or to the Joint Hon. Secretaries,
care of London Joint City and Midland Bank, 12, Tavern Street, Ipswich.

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