Mayor opens the Broom Hill open air swimming pool.

Saturday 30th April, 1938.


 The importance of healthy exercise cannot be too strongly emphasised and swimming as an art tends to promote splendid physical development as well as for joyous entertainment.

The new pool at Broom Hill will be among the finest in the country, both in design and for the facilities offered to the public, indeed much time and thought have been expended by those responsible for its construction and maintenance to ensure that all classes are catered for. The learners’ swimming pool will be hailed with joy by those who are anxious to learn the art of swimming, whilst the expert swimmers will be able to take full advantage of the huge pool, complete with under water lighting and the regulation A.D.A diving stage.

I am confident that the facilities afforded will be very much appreciated by the citizens of Ipswich. George Underwood.



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