Born: 5th February 1862, Ipswich.


Kate and Henry had seven children:


Owen Dudley Phillips, born 7th April 1887, Ipswich.


Mildred Kathleen Phillips, born 1st April 1889, Ipswich. On the 21st November 1912, Ipswich, Mildred married Sidney John Stearn, a Pharmacist, born 24th February 1887, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. Brother to Clement Hodgson Stearn. In 1939, Mildred, an Air Raid Precautions Canteen Worker & Sidney, a Pharmacist – employer and a Special Constable, were living at their family home – ‘Bridleway’ Vermont Crescent, Ipswich with 2 female boarders. Mildred Stearn died 31st October 1949, of ‘Droxford’ Foxgrove Gardens, Felixstowe, Suffolk. Sidney Stearn died 7th January 1973, of Round Lodge, Belstead Road, Ipswich.


Doris Lilian Phillips, born 18th November 1892, Ipswich. On the 1st July 1916, Ipswich, Doris married Clement Hodgson Stearn, a Reverend, born 14th June 1888, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire. Brother to Sidney John Stearn. During The Great War, Reverend Clement Stearn was an Army Chaplain for the Royal Army Chaplain’s Department. From the 27th February 1916, he served in Egypt, and France and as a Chaplain to German war prisoners in Africa. On the 17th August 1929, Doris & Clement, with the 5 year old daughter and 9 month old son departed from the Port of Southampton – next of kin: Clement’s father – Arthur E. Stearn, of 24, St. Barnabas Road, Cambridge. The Stearn family sailed Cabin Class aboard S.S. ‘Ascania’ of the Cunard Line – Master D.A. Hawkes. They disembarked at the Port of Quebec, Ontario, Canada 25th August 1929. Clement was to take up an appointment as a Schoolmaster, a Professor of Classics at the McMaster University, Toronto, Ontario. In 1941, Clement received his Doctorate of Philosophy at Toronto. Doris Stearn died 7th December 1944, of 11, Forsyth Place, Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario. Clement remarried in May 1947, to Rosalynde Fuller McAdams Osborne. Clement died 18th August 1967, in Hamilton, Ontario.


Nora Ena Madeline Phillips, born 20th June 1893, Ipswich. In 1916, Ipswich, Nora married Stanley Herbert Burns, born 15th May 1893, Hackney, London. In 1939, Nora & Stanley, a Lloyds Insurance Broker, were living at their family home – 50, Chantry Road, Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire with 1 cook and 1 domestic servant and 2 female boarders, both school mistresses. Nora Burns died 31st July 1959, at Addenbrooks Hospital, Cambridgeshire, of Carrigans, 3, Trumpington Road, Cambridge. Stanley died 24th October 1985, of Carrigan’s 1, Queen Edith’s Way, Cherry Hinton, Cambridgeshire.


Winifred Violet Phillips, born 29th July 1896, Ipswich. In 1920, Ipswich, Winifred married Frank Charles Oakley, born 24th July 1887, Hornsey, Middlesex. In 1939, Winifred & Frank, a departmental manager – wholesale clothing manufacturer were living at their family home – 73, Westerfield Road, Ipswich. Winifred Oakley died 20th June 1956, of 73, Westerfield Road, Ipswich. Frank Oakley died 12th April 1963, of 73, Westerfield Road, Ipswich.


Roger Geoffrey Dixon Phillips, born 6th December 1901, Ipswich. In 1925, Ipswich. Roger married Monica Monteith Fisk, born 22nd July 1902, Ipswich, daughter of Frank Henry Fisk, a provision’s merchant – employer & Emmeline Fisk (nee Monteith), of Park Road, Ipswich. In 1939, Roger, a director of a wholesale men’s clothing manufacturer & Monica were living with their sons at their family home – 24, Cotswold Avenue, Ipswich with 4 domestic servants. Roger Phillips died 24th January 1954, at the East Suffolk and Ipswich Hospital, of Hill Crest, Paget Road, Ipswich. Monica remarried in 1957, at Bristol, to widower, Norman Leonard Pope. Monica Pope died 22nd June 1975, of 20, Surrey Gardens, Westbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset.


Ursula Molly Phillips, born 25th May 1905, Ipswich. In 1939, Ursula was a proprietress at 11, Sherriff Road, Hampstead, West London, she had 3 lodgers. In 1942, Hampstead, Ursula married Arthur Bruce Sinden, a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, born 1882, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. Doctor Arthur Sinden died in 1955, West Hampstead. Ursula Sinden died 6th July 1962, of 47, Cotleigh Road, West Hampstead, London.




1871    40, Butter Market, St. Lawrence’s, Ipswich.

Henry was 9 years old. He was living with his widowed mother and brothers.

Sarah, 49, a Woollen Draper.

Edward, 18, an Assistant Warehouseman.

Alfred, 13.


1881   40, Butter Market, St. Lawrence’s, Ipswich.

Henry was 19 years old, an Apprentice Woollen Draper. He was living with his widowed mother and sister.

Sarah, 59.

Ellen, 21, Governess in a private family.

1 female general domestic servant.


1891   26, Burlington Road, St. Matthew’s, Ipswich.

Henry was 29 years old, a Woollen Merchant. He was married and head of the household.

Kate, 23.

Owen, 4.

Mildred, 2.

1 nurse.

1 general domestic servant.


1901   Buckingham House, 40, King’s Road, Brighton, East Sussex.

Henry was 39 years old, a Woollen warehouseman-owned account. He was married and staying with his wife 33 year old, Sarah Phillips, at the boarding house of 65 year old, Hannah Elizabeth Brinton (nee Glading), a widow and employer.


1911   The Sycamores, Tomline Road, Felixstowe, Suffolk.

Henry was 48 years old, a Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer – employer. He was married and head of the household.

Kate, 43.

Kathleen, 21.

Doris, 19, a School Teacher.

Ena, 17, a School Teacher.

Winifred, 14.

Roger, 9.

Ursula, 5.

visitor – Ivy Muriel Matcham, 20, born Ipswich. Later in 1911, Ivy married Henry and Kate’s son, Owen.

1 cook – Bessie Pells, 21.

1 housemaid – Annie Pells, 19.

Bessie and Annie were sisters born Little Stonham, Sufolk.






Henry Phillips died 23rd November 1923, at 15, St. Edmunds Road, Ipswich.


Probate to Kate Ayre Phillips – widow, Owen Dudley Phillips – son, a woollen merchant, and Sidney John Stearn – son-in-law, a chemist.


Phillips Memorial, Ipswich Old Cemetery.

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