Mayor 1923 – 1924.


Member of the Liberal Party.

A member of the established church – Church of England.

John was elected to the Council on the 10th February 1892 as one of the representatives of the Bridge Ward. He was elected unopposed on a casual vacancy arising from the death of his father in January 1892.


Birth: 2nd October 1862, St. Nicholas, Ipswich.


Father: John Hart Staddon, born 1831, St. George the Martyr, London – son of John Staddon, a surgeon at Southwark. John was privately educated, with a view to medical pursuits. He moved to Ipswich in his late teens to become an assistant at the surgery of Mr. Webster Adams. After six years at the surgery, he attended St. Thomas’s Hospital. John obtained his M.R.C.S. Eng., and L.R.C.P. Edin., before returning to Ipswich to have his own surgery, first at Falcon Street, a few years late at Friars Street, before moving to 6, Silent Street where he conducted a successful business. John was a staunch Liberal and on the 2nd November 1874, was elected upon a contest one of the representatives of the Bridge Ward, for the term of three years. John was a regular attendant at St. Nicholas Church, and several times filled the office of churchwarden. The curate-in-charge, the Reverend Edwin Oakley and John became good friends. So when Edwin Oakley was appointed incumbent of St. Helen’s Church, John along with other parishioners went with him. John was a member of the Oddfellows’ and a was a Freemason. John’s sons John and Walter assisted their father at his practise when his health began to fail, he continued his practise for five-six years with his sons, but after the heavy blow of losing his daughter Cecilia Clara Adams, in March 1891, his strength declinded and he retired from his surgery in the autumn of 1891. John Staddon died from the painful effects of Bright’s Disease, at 3 p.m., Friday, 29th January 1892, at his residence 6, Silent Street, Ipswich. Laid to rest at Ipswich Old Cemetery, Section L, following a service held at St. Nicholas’s Church, Ipswich.


Mother: Elizabeth Ann Staddon (nee Moss), born 1840, Newington, Surrey. Elizabeth helped with flower displays at churches around Ipswich. Elizabeth Staddon died 9th April 1921, Ipswich. Laid to rest with John at Ipswich Old Cemetery, Section L.




Walter Joseph Staddon, born 1864, St. Nicholas, Ipswich. Walter passed his primary examination in anatomy and physiology at a meeting of the Board of Examiners of the Royal College of Surgeons of England on the 5th May 1883. Doctor Walter Staddon, M.R.C.S. Eng., 1886, L.R.C.P. Lond. (St. Thomas Hospital), practised alongside his brother Henry at The Priory, 1, Wolsey Street, St. Nicholas. After his brother joined the Army, Walter joined his brother John Staddon, at 6-8, Silent Street. On the 27th August 1896, at St. Michael and All Angels Church, Manningtree, Essex, Walter married Alice Charlotte Alston, born 11th January 1871, Manningtree, baptised 6th March 1871, at St. Michael and All Angels Church, Manningtree – daughter of John Edward Alston, a brewer and merchant – employer and Ellen Alston (nee Spurling), stepdaughter of Annie Elizabeth Alston (nee Smith), of South Street, Manningtree. Alice and Walter had 3 daughters.  Walter became medical officer for the Leeds Union Insurance, the Aberdeen Direct Line, and Ocean S.S. Co., and the Ipswich Workhouse. He served as surgeon to the Branch of the Eastern Star Provident Association and the Benefit Society. to the Rose and Crown Club, a branch of the Lodge of the Foresters. Walter was a staunch Liberal. He was a Freemason of the “British Union Lodge” and the “Golden Reapers Lodge.” In April 1901, Walter was elected a churchwarden for St. Nicholas Church, Ipswich.

Dr. Walter Staddon died by his own hand on the 27th May 1939, due to syncope induced by immersion in cold water. He had been completely deaf for 25 years, and had started to lose his faculties, both physical and metal, and generally failing when he was found dead in a bath half filled with water, at his residence of 3, Parkside Avenue, Ipswich. A note was found on the bathroom shelf reading “Forgive, Walter.” Daily Mirror – Monday, 29th May 1939.

In 1939, Walter’s widow Alice was living at the family home of her daughter Barbara Catchpole (nee Staddon), at 2, Paget Road, Ipswich. Alice Staddon died 23rd December 1960, of 15A, Constitution Hill, Ipswich.


Frederick William Staddon, born 8th February 1865, St. Nicholas, Ipswich, baptised 3rd March 1865, at St. Nicholas Church, Ipswich. He was articled to a London firm of chartered accountants and on the 4th, 5th and 6th June 1881 passed his preliminary examination to the satisfaction of the Examination Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Frederick later travelled to the U.S.A. where he remained for seven years. At the time of the death of his father in 1892, Frederick was farming in Oregon, contending with the climate and soil. On his return to England Frederick returned to practise as an accountant. Several years later he found himself once again attracted overseas. On the 30th March 1900, at the Port of London, Frederick embarked the R.M.S. ‘Orizaba,’ of the Orient Line, Master Mr. Ernest Edward Lavington (of Wells, Somerset) – on the 4th May 1900, Frederick disembarked at the Port of Albany, Western Australia. He made his home at Geraldton, Western Australia, where he conducted an accountancy business at Durlacher Street, as a Public Accountant, Auditor, Sworn Valuator. House and Insurance Agent. Frederick directed the business until his retirement in 1938. He was also for a time acting town clerk to Geraldton Road Board and secretary to the Geraldton Club, and Geraldton Mechanics Institute (Incorporated). Frederick was a foundation member of the Geraldton Bowling Club. Frederick took a keen and active interest in many movements initiated to advance the progress of the town and district of Geraldton. He however, avoided offices which would bring them notably before the public, just as his father, John Hart Staddon, had done as a member of the Ipswich Town Council, both being of a retiring dispostition, neither rarely made their voices heard. They were both, however, generous in a quiet, unostentatious way, both father and son rendered a valuable service to their respective hometowns. On the 26th July 1910, at St. Alban’s Anglican Church, Highgate, Western Australia, Frederick married Louisa Bertha Anna Frisch, a school teacher at the Geraldton State School, born 30th March 1880, Lyndock Valley, South Australia – daughter of Heinrich Julius Wilhelm Frish and Louise Caroline Marie Frisch (nee Schlinke), of South Australia. Louisa was 15 years old when she started her teacher training in April 1895. Louisa and Frederick had 3 children. Frederick Staddon died 7th May 1948 at the St. John of God Hospital, of Sanford Street, Geraldton. Laid to rest 8th May at in the Anglican section of the Utakarra Cemetery. Louisa Staddon died 14th September 1960, at Freemantle, Western Australia.

Obituary – Geraldton Guardian – Saturday, 8th May


Lizzie Alice Staddon, born 1866, St. Nicholas, Ipswich, baptised 29th May 1866, at St. Nicholas’s Church, Ipswich – died 4th May 1867, at Friars Street, Ipswich.


Cecilia Clara (Cissie) Staddon, born 30th July 1868, St. Nicholas, Ipswich, baptised 30th July 1868, St. Nicholas Church’s, Ipswich. In April 1884, at the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Ipswich, 15 year old Cecilia passed her Royal Academy of Music Local Examinations – Junior Division – pianoforte. On the 22nd May 1890, at St. Nicholas’s Church, Ipswich, by the Reverend Edwin Oakley, Rector of St. Helen’s Church, assisted by the Reverend Charles Ward, Vicar of the parish, Cecilia married Harry Percy Adams (known as Percy). The banns having been read at Percy’s parish church – St. Mary’s Church, Finchley, London, on the 4th May, 11th May and 18th May. Percy, born 26th October 1865, Ipswich – son of Webster Adams, a surgeon of Ipswich. Cecilia and Percy had 1 son Cecil Clare Adams, born 4th March 1891, 28, Woburn Place, Russell Square, St. Pancras, London. A few days before the birth of her son, the weather changed and Cecilia caught a chill, which brought on an attack of Peritonitis. Cecilia died on the Sunday, 15th March. Laid to rest at Ipswich Old Cemetery, Section L, on Thursday, 19th March 1891, the Reverend Charles Ward, of St. Nicholas Church, and the Reverend Edwin Oakley, of St. Helen’s Church officiated. Percy was an Architect and a member of F.R.I.B.A., in 1888, Percy joined the architectural practice of Mr. Stephen Salter, at 19, Hanover Square, London. In 1890, Stephen and his family moved from their family home at 28, Woburn Place, Russell Square, London to ‘Hills Court’ Clarendon Road, Watford, Hertfordshire. Percy and Cecilia moved in to 28, Woburn Place to make this their own family home. Percy continued the practice under the title Salter & Adams. In 1899, Charles Henry Holden, an architect from Bolton came to London to join the staff. In 1907, Henry and Percy became partners under the title Adams & Holden. In 1903, Lionel Godfrey Pearson, an architect from Liverpool joined the practise as an assistant. In 1913, the three architects became partners under the title Adams, Holden and Pearson, of Knightsbridge Green.

Percy designed over 80 hospital and became a recognised authority for hospital design.

In 1898, at St. Pancras, Percy married Alice Mildred Mathieson (nee Fulcher), born 21st July 1874, Yaxley, Suffolk. Alice’s first marriage to James Francis Mathieson, was dissolved in February 1898, after the discovery of Alice and Percy’s adulterous relationship – which they did not defend in court. Alice and Percy had 4 children. Percy Adams died 6th April 1930, a few days after a serious operation at The Westminster Hospital, of 7, Knightsbridge, Middlesex. Alice Adams died 18th February 1941, at Teign House Hotel, Shaldon, Devonshire, of Red Cottage, Marshall Avenue, Bognor Regis, West Sussex. Laid to rest together at North Sheen Cemetery, Richmond.


Henry Ernest Staddon, born 25th November 1869, St. Nicholas, Ipswich, baptised 17th December 1869, St. Nicholas’s Church, Ipswich. At the time of his father’s death in January 1892, Henry passed the last part of his medical examination at St. Thomas Hospital. Henry M.R.C.S., Eng., L.R.C.P., Lond, (St. Thomas). He first joined his brother Walter Staddon at The Priory, St. Nicholas, Ipswich. In August 1894, he passed very creditably to enter the Army Medical School, at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley. He was a surgeon on probation of the Medical Staff of the British Army. In January 1895 Henry passed at both London and Netley examinations, he achieved 3,983 marks gained in London added to marks he gained at Netley. On the 29th January 1895, he was commissioned Surgeon Lieutenant for the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Henry sailed on the troopship ‘Britannia’ for service in India, followed by service in Mauritius, whilst stationed there he was promoted to Surgeon Captain on the 29th January 1898. At the start of the South African Boer War, Henry was back in India. He sailed to South Africa on board ‘Putiala’ from India. Henry served as the medical charge of the 1st Battalion, Border Regiment, from November 1899 to the end of March 1901. He was invalided home with Enteric Fever in April 1900 on the ‘Lismore Castle.’

E.A.D.T. – Monday, 30th April 1900 – Captain H. Staddon – A.S.C. At the time of the outbreak of war in South Africa Captain Staddon had been attached to the Army Staff Corps in India for about two or three years. He proceeded to South Africa with troops, was detained there, and joined Buller’s forces for the relief of Ladysmith. Being attached to the Border Regiment, he was present at several of the big engagements, and in one had a narrow escape, his horse being shot under him. Having recently suffered from an attack of fever, the gallant officer has been invalided home on board the ‘Lismore Castle’ which left for England on the 21st April.

Surgeon Captain Henry Staddon, of the R.A.M.C. was awarded the clasps Tugela Heights and Relief of Ladysmith. On his recovery he returned to India, in January 1903, Henry, of the R.A.M.C., was transferred from the Sind District to Ahmedabad. In January 1908, Henry now ranked a Major was appointed on his return from Mauritius to The Curragh, County Kildare, Ireland. At the beginning of April 1911, Major Henry Staddon from The Curragh was posted to the Eastern Command for duty. On the 1st March 1915, Henry, of ‘Haslemere’ Bank Road, Ipswich was a Lieutenant Colonel of the R.A.M.C. on half pay laU, R.A.M.C. On the 17th February 1923 he retired. In 1927, Ipswich, Henry married Winifred Mary Pearce (nee Hicks), born 9th February 1875, Great Wenham, Suffolk – daughter of Thomas Roger Hays Hicks, a farmer, and Emily Cardew Hicks (nee Bantoft), of Wenham Priory, Suffolk. Winifred’s first husband Arthur James Pearce, a chartered accountant, of Princes Street, Ipswich died Christmas Day, 1921, Ipswich. Winifred and Arthur had 3 sons. In 1939 Winifred and Henry, a retired Lt.-Col. R.A.M.C. and member of the Medical Board were living at their family home – Gable House, Cauldwell Avenue, Ipswich. Winifred’s son James Peace was also living at Gable House. Henry Staddon died 9th July 1955, at his residence Gable House, Cauldwell Avenue, Ipswich. Winifred Staddon died 7th July 1956, at The Hospital, Newton Abbot, Devonshire, of Hollycot, Totnes Road, Newton Aboot.




1871   2, Friar’s Road, St. Nicholas, Ipswich.


John was 8 years old and living with his parents & siblings.

George, 39, a Surgeon.

Elizabeth, 30.

Walter, 17.

Frederick, 16.

Cecilia, 2.

Henry, 1.

1 surgeon’s assistant – John Rump, 36, born Wells, Norfolk.

1 cook.

1 housemaid.


1881   6, Silent Street, Ipswich.


John was 18 years old, a Medical Student. He was living with his parents & siblings.

John, 49, a Physician & Surgeon L.R.C.P. Edinburgh, M. R.C.S. England Registered.

Elizabeth, 40.

Walter, 17.

Frederick, 16.

Cecilia, 12.

Henry, 11.

1 cook.

1 housemaid.


1891   25, Lower Brook Street, Ipswich.


John was 28 years old, a Physician & Surgeon. He was married and head of the household.

Edith, 29.

Eric, 1.

1 general domestic servant.

1 errand boy.


1901   6 & 8, Silent Street, Ipswich.


John was 38 years old, a Surgeon & Physician – own account – at home. He was married and head of the household.

Edith, 39.

Eric, 11.

Cecil, 8.

Harry, 6.

1 governess.


1911   6 & 8, Silent Street, Ipswich.


John was 48 years old, a Physician & Surgeon – own account. He was a married and head of the household.

Cecil, 18, a Medical Student.

Harry, 16.

Poppie, 7.

1 cook.

1 housemaid.

1 under housemaid.


In 1911, John’s 33 year old wife Emma, and her sister, Constance were visiting their sister Ellen and her family at the Johnson residence – Momples Hall, Elmstead, Essex.

Herbert Ling Johnson, 49, a Farmer – employer – at home, born Elmstead.

Ellen Johnson (nee Wrinch), 36, born Ramsey.

Thora Lewis Johnson, 2, born Elmstead.

Constance Mary Wrinch, 34, a Companion & Housekeeper, born Ramsey.

1 general domestic servant.


On Thursday, 25th April 1889, at St. Mary le Tower Church, Ipswich, John married Edith Charlotte Spurling, born 1862, St. Mary’s, Woodbridge, Suffolk – youngest daughter of John Samuel Simpson Spurling and Louisa Spurling, of 33, Fonnereau Road, Ipswich (formerly of Woddbridge, Suffolk). The Reverend Henry Footman, vicar of Nocton, Lincolnshire, and uncle of the bride, officiated, he was assisted by Canon Turnock, vicar of the parish, and the Rev. W.E. Layton, curate. The service was fully choral. Edith’s dress was in white figured silk, with veil and wreath of orange blossoms. She carried a bouquet of lilies of the valley. Edith had five bridesmaids attired in white and primrose, with bouquets of Maréchal Niel roses and Neapolitan violets. John had his brother Walter Staddon as bestman plus four groomsmen. Edith’s widowed mother, Louisa Spurling hosted the wedding breakfast at her home – 33, Fonnereau Road, Ipswich, a marquee was erected on the lawn. The wedding breakfast served in sumptuous style by Mr. James Chivers, of Tavern Street, Ipswich. Afterwards Edith and John safely ran the gauntlet, of rice and slippers, and left to spend the honeymoon at Bournemouth.


Father: John Samuel Simpson Spurling, an Estate Agent and Auctioneer.


Mother:  Louisa Spurling (nee Footman).


Emma and John had 4 children:


Eric John Staddon, born 7th February 1890, Ipswich. Eric was educated at Ipswich School; he continued his education at St. Thomas’s Hospital, passing his first professional examination in July 1908. He obtained the M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond, (St. Thomas). During the First World War Eric was ranked a Captain for the R.A.M.C., he saw service in Mesopotamia. On the 16th April 1922 Eric applied for his medals to be sent to his home – 6, Silent Street, Ipswich, Victory and British War. On the 12th September 1916, at St. John’s Church, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, Eric married Christine Mary Hempson, of 2, Geneva Road, Kingston, born 15th December 1893, Ramsey, Essex, baptised 5th February 1893, at St. Michael’s Church, Ramsey – daughter of Amis Ayton Hempson, a farmer – employer and Frances Lizzie Hempson (nee King), of Ramsey Hall, Ramsey, Essex. Eric and Christine had 3 sons. In 1939, Eric was a Physician Surgeon, he and Christine, a driver for the A.R.P. were living at their family home – 6, Silent Street, Ipswich. Eric Staddon died 22nd January 1947, at St. Edmunds Road, Ipswich, of South Bank, Spring Road, Ipswich. Christine Staddon died Christmas Day, 1959, of Burlington Road, Ipswich.


Cecil Spurling Staddon, born 29th May 1892, Ipswich. Cecil was educated at Ipswich School; he was a cadet for the School’s O.T.C. He continued his education at St. Thomas’s Hospital, and obtained the M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond, (St. Thomas). During the First World War, Cecil was a Captain for the R.A.M.C., later a Major. He saw service in Egypt in March 1915 – August 1916 and Salonika in August 1916 – March 1919. On the 7th June 1922, Cecil applied for his medals to be sent to his home – 51, Angelsea Road, Ipswich, Victory, British War and 1915 Star. Cecil was awarded the Military Cross for distinguished service in the field – 1st January 1918. Cecil married Frances Smith, born 12th November 1891. Frances and Cecil had 2 sons. In 1939, Cecil, a Medical Practitioner and Frances were living at their family home – 174, Norwich Road, Ipswich. Frances Staddon died 22nd March 1969, of 3, Constitution Hill, Ipswich. Cecil Staddon died 1st October 1976, of 3, Constitution Hill, Ipswich.


Harry Kenneth Staddon, born 1894, Ipswich. On the 1st September 1921, at St. John’s Church, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, Harry married Charlotte Trelaway Batchelor, born 20th December 1895, London, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada – daughter of Walter Henry Batchelor, a farmer and gentleman and Elizabeth Batchelor (nee Chapman), of 4, Grove Lane, Kingston. Charlotte and Harry had 2 children. Harry was a Solicitor, first in partnership with William Henry Solomon and Richard Stewart Barnes, under the title Solomon, Staddon and Barnes, at 58, Finsbury Pavement, London. Later with Richard and Stephen Philip (Levy) Pyke under the title Staddon, Pyke and Barnes. In 1939, Harry and Charlotte were living at their family home – 2, Hunter Road, Wimbledon, Surrey. Harry Staddon died 9th January 1961, at Wimbledon Hospital, of 20, The Drive, Wimbledon and 58, Finsbury Pavement, London. Charlotte Staddon died 28th September 1970, of 20, The Drive, Wimbledon.


Poppie Edith Staddon, born 11th April 1903, Ipswich. In 1934, Ipswich, Poppie married Arthur Philip Angell, born 10th April 1907, Ipswich. Arthur was educated at Ipswich School 1919 – 1926, he was a Cadet Lance Corporal for the Schools O.T.C. Arthur trained for two years as a car and motorcycle engineer. He went into business at 18, St. Margaret’s Green, Ipswich, as automobile engineers with Mr. Cyril Daubrey Marrows (born August 1891, Lincolnshire), of 77, Constable Road, Ipswich. They were also Riley Cars distributors. The business was terminated in 1935. In 1939, Poppie and Arthur, a Captain, Royal Corps of Signals, 18th Division were living at their family home – Lea-bank, Westerfield, Suffolk, with Poppie’s father and stepmother. Poppie Angell died 27th August 1987, of 1, Holyrood Close, Ipswich. Arthur Angell died 17th October 1994, of Thornbank, 6, Westerfield Road, Ipswich.


Edith Charlotte Staddon died 23rd November 1905, at her residence 6, Silent Street, Ipswich. Laid to rest 28th November 1905 at Ipswich Old Cemetery.


On the 19th May 1909, at St. Anne & St. Lawrence Church, Elmstead, Essex, 46 year old, John married 31 year old, Emma Amy Wrinch, born December 1878, Ramsey, Essex – daughter of William Henry Wrinch and Louisa Wrinch, of Tye House, Elmstead, Essex.

Image courtesy of Rick.

Father: William Henry Wrinch, a farmer – employer.

Image courtesy of Rick.

Mother: Louisa Wrinch (nee Beard).




John was a retired Medical Practitioner, he and Emma were living with his daughter and son-in-law at their home – Lea-bank, Westerfield, Suffolk.

Arthur Philip Angell, a Captain – Royal Corps of Signals, 18th Division.

Poppie, unpaid Domestic Duties.

1 domestic servant.


John died on the 7th December 1943, at ‘Landermere’ 9, St. Edmund’s Road, Ipswich, aged 81. Laid to rest at Ipswich Old Cemetery, Section L.


Probate to Harry Kenneth Staddon – son, a solicitor, Eric John Staddon – son, a medical practitioner, and Cecil Spurling Staddon – son, a medical practitioner.


Emma Staddon died on the 1st December 1950, of 158, Valley Road, Ipswich.


Probate to Harry Kenneth Staddon, a solicitor, and Poppie Angell, wife of Arthur Philip Angell.


From December 1977, 6 – 8, Silent Street, Ipswich has been a Grade II Listed Building.

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