Mayor 1889 – 1890.


Member of the Liberal Party.

A member of the established church – Church of England.

Nathaniel was elected to the Council in 1861 as one of the representatives of the Middle Ward.


Born: 15th August 1820, Little Bealings, Suffolk.



1841   Borough Road, St. Clement’s, Ipswich.


Nathaniel was 21 years old, a Bricklayer. He was living with his parents and siblings.

John, 45, a Builder.

Charlotte, 40.

John, 23, a Carpenter.

Charlotte, 19.

Giles, 17, a Carpenter.

Amy, 11.

Mary, 8.

Harry, 6.

Eliza, 3.

Ann, 1.


1851   Pottery Street, St. Helen’s, Ipswich.


Nathaniel was 30 years old, a Master Builder. He was married and head of the household.

Sarah, 30.


1861   Henley Road, St. Margaret’s, Ipswich.


Nathaniel was 40 years old, Farmer of 136 acres – employer. He was married and head of the household.

Sarah, 40.

Sarah’s paternal cousin – Alethea Mary Dunn, 24, born Long Melford, Suffolk.

Sarah’s paternal cousin – Jane Louisa Elizabeth Dunn, 17, born Long Melford.

1 house servant.


1871   White House, Whitton Street, Whitton cum Thurleston, Suffolk.


Nathaniel was 50 years old, a of 620 acres – employing 24 men & 11 boys and a Brewer and owner of 227 acres. He was married and head of the household.

Sarah, 50.

2 female domestic servants.


1881   1, Bank Place, Foundation Street, Ipswich.


Nathaniel was 60 years old, a Farmer and Brewer and Malster. He was married and head of the household.

Sarah, 60.

Jane Dunn, 37.

2 female domestic servants.


1891   Bank House, Foundation Street, Ipswich.


Nathaniel was 70 years old, a Brewer and Farmer – employer. He was widowed and head of the household.

Alethea, 53, the family Housekeeper.

Jane Dunn, 46.

1 cook.

1 housemaid.


1901   White House, Whitton Street, Whitton cum Thurleston, Suffolk.


Nathaniel was 80 years old, a Brewer, Malster and Farmer – employer. He was widowed and head of the household.

Alethea, 64, Living on Own Means.

Jane Dunn, 57, Living on Own Means.

1 cook.

1 housemaid.


On Wednesday, 12th August 1908, Alderman Nathaniel Catchpole kindly placed the ‘Crown Meadow,’ at Whitton, Suffolk, at the disposal of the five Ipswich lodges of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes for their third annual event to treat the children of the Ipswich poor. Before 1906, the lodges subscribed to the General Fresh Air Fund, but as this did not benefit Ipswich, it was decided that the contributions would be best devoted to the entertainment of the many poor youngsters of the town. With additional funds and subscribers, the first year saw some eight hundred children entertained in Stoke Park; the following year the number increased to 1,500.

The Organising Committee was composed of representatives for the five Ipswich Lodges. The town was divided into five sections for the purposes of selecting the poorest children between the ages of five and twelve for participation in the treat. In total 1,800 children received invitations and at eleven o’clock in the morning they were led into the meadow by seventy ladies and gentlemen helpers, who freely distributed meat pies, tarts, and ginger beer among the happy children.

Races were organised with seven hundred small prizes distributed. The entertainment for the children also included a ventriloquist, a gramophone, and comic vocalists with an accompanist at a piano. The Social Settlement Band also rendered selections of music. At four o’clock tea was served, with bread and butter, cake and tarts. Members of St. John’s Ambulance were present, but only one slight accident required their services.

During the afternoon, the Mayor of Ipswich, Harry Raffe made a visit to the event at which the children loudly cheered the Mayor and Alderman Catchpole who surveyed the scene from a carriage in which were members of his family.

The event concluded by eight o’clock, when the youngsters heartily sang the National Anthem, before boarding the trams for home.

The contributors in kind embraced Messrs. Field and Fyffes – bananas, Mr. Cuckow – bananas, Messrs. Talbot and Kirby – ginger beer, Alderney Dairy Company, per Mr. Robins – milk, Alderman Catchpole – beer for the Committee members, Mr. Tebbit – tables, Mr. H. Sullings – fancy balloons, Mr. Pipe – timber for bandstand), Mr. Southgate – nuts, Mr. W. Markham – prizes for cake walk, Mrs. Partridge made a gift of 50 rag dolls for presentation to the children, Mr. E.H. Bostock, of the Hippodrome, through Mr. Stead, the manager, generously gave 800 tickets for admission to the Hippodrome, the sale of which at 2d. each went to the augmentation of the fund. Evening Star – Thursday, 13th August 1908


Image courtesy of Mr. A. Gilbert – Ipswich Borough Council.

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