Mayor 1956 – 1957.


Member of the Conservative Party.

A Nonconformist – Jewish.

Phineas entered the Council in 1937 as one of the representatives of the St. Clement’s Ward.



Born: 11th November 1900, Portsmouth, Hampshire.


Father: Zelek Marks Weiner, born 1859, Wilno, Russia. In 1886, Marks Weiner, a wholesaler and exporter, of 117, High Street, Southsea, founded the St. Petersburg Cigarette Company, Portsmouth – “British made by British labourer of the very highest-class Virginia Tobacco, and, like the Pompey Boys, are hard to beat.” Marks was one of the trustees for Aria College Synagogue, Portsmouth. On the 8th October 1908, when he was 50 years old, Marks, a Managing Dicector, of 12, Havelock Road, Southsea, became a Freemason at Portsmouth Lodge. Marks Weiner died 18th January 1939, at ‘Ernestine’ 89, Oriel Road, North End, Portsmouth. Laid to rest at Fawcett Road Cemetery.

Section of Marks Weiner’s obituaryHampshire Telegraph – Friday, 20th January 1939 – When visiting celebrities arrived in Portsmouth, and on occasions as the visits of the French, German and Italian fleets, Mr. Weiner’s firm was asked to produce tobacco novelties for the guests at the civic banquets as souvenirs. His services as Russian interpreter were called upon extensively by the Russian Consul and officials of the City, one notable occasion being when the Tsar of Russia’s yachet called in at Portsmouth for re-victualling.

Well known in Portsmouth Jewry circle, of which he was one of the oldest and most esteemed members, Mr. Weiner was a retired trustee of Aria College, Portsmouth, and at one time served with the Court of Referees, under the Ministry of Labour. He was an old member of the Portsmouth Lodge (No. 487) of Freemasons, and also of the Royal Arch Chapter.


Mother: LebeEliz Weiner, born 1859, Russia – died June 1925, of 32, Victoria Road, Southsea, Hampshire. Funeral held Tuesday, 23rd June 1925. The cortege on its way to the cemetery stopped for a few minutes at Aria College Synagogue, Portsmouth.



On the 5th December 1895, Marks obtained British Citizenship granted by the Home Office. Zelek Marks Weiner was 36 years old, of 62, Hudson Road, Southsea, Hampshire, he was born in the district of Wilno, son of Symon & Luba, both Russian. Marks was a Tobacconist, was married and has 8 children residing with him:

Elizabeth, 16.

Doborah, 14.

Morris, 13.

Michael, 11.

Harry, 8.

Rebecca, 6.

David, 3.

Joseph, 1.




Elizabeth Weiner, born 1878, Russia. In 1901, Portsmouth, Hampshire Elizabeth married Filipp Schmit, born 1875, Russia. In 1911, Elizabeth & Philip Smith, a Manager – Tobacconist – employer, were living at their home – 19, Exeter Mansions, Brondesbury, London.


Deborah (Devera) Weiner, born 5th April 1881, Russia. In 1905, Portsmouth, Deborah married Hyman Monach Zanitzky, a Cigarette Maker and Tobacconist – own account, born 27th June 1880, Cherkass, Province of Keif, Russia. Deborah & Hyman adopted the surname Ritchie. In 1939, Deborah & Hyman Ritchie, a Commercial Traveller – Radio Electrical & Parts, were living at their family home – Westside, Watford Way, Hendon, London. Hyman Ritchie died 1948, Nottinghamshire. Deborah Ritchie died 17th March 1976, West Hendon Hospital, London.


Morris Weiner, born 3rd November 1882, Russia. On the 19th November 1907, at the Great Synagogue, Aldgate, City of London, Morris married Martha (Goldsmid) Goldsmith, born 10th October 1882, Spittlefields, London, daughter of Aaron, a Cigar Maker, & Hannah (Goldsmid) Goldsmith (nee Woolf), of London. In 1939, Morris, of 17, Victoria Road, South Southsea, Hampshire was a Managing Director Wholesale Tobacconists and an Air Raid Prevention Warden. He was staying at the home of his brother Joseph Weiner, a Proprietor & Manager of Cigar & Tobacco Factory and an Air Raid Prevention Warden – 76, St. Andrew’s Road, Portsmouth, plus one other. In 1939, Martha Weiner was incapacitated and a patient at the Old Manor Mental Institution, Wilton Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, a private psychiatric hospital. Martha died 4th May 1943, at St. James Hospital, Milton, Hampshire, of 17, Victoria Road, South Southsea, Hampshire. In 1946, Portsmouth, Morris (now known as Maurice) married Bertha Tanchan, born 19th December 1896, Tonypandy, Glamorganshire, Wales, daughter of Nathan Philip, a Furniture Manufacturer & Rebecca Tanchan (nee Goldman), of Southsea, Hampshire. Maurice Weiner died 23rd September 1960, at St. Mary’s Hospital, Portsmouth. Bertha Weiner died 1979, Hove, East Sussex.


Michael Meyer Weiner, born 1884, Kovna, Russia. On Boxing Day, 1907, at the Great Synagogue, Aldgate, City of London, Michael married Sybil Levy, born Valentine’s Day, 1884, Stroud, Gloucestershire, daughter of Lewis, a Tailor – own account & Rhoda Levy, of Turner Street, Stepney, London.

Michael was a Furrier Traveller, aged 31 years & 6 months, and 5ft 9 1/4ins, when he voluntary enlisted at London, on the 13th May 1916 for War Service. He had previously served 8 years with the R.G.A Michael joined at Dover Dept on the 19th May 1916, as a Gunner, service number 82871 for the Royal Garrison Artillery, 42 Coy, Long Curtain Battery (as part of Portsmouth’s sea defence system). On the 28th September 1916, he was appointed acting Bombardier. On the 21st June 1918, Michael was discharged through ill health with Ulceration of Larynx, he was sent home to 15, Cavendish Street, Southsea, after serving 2 years & 40 days. On the 29th June 1918, from 15, Cavendish Road, Southsea, Michael wrote a letter to Dover, to “herewith beg to make an application for the discharged soldiers Silver Badge for services rendered. He wrote that he had enlisted as an A1 man and had contracted his illness whilst in the Army. Not having served overseas, through no fault of my own, on joining I made great sacrifices and on discharge find myself ruined physically, not to mention financially. Nevertheless, I still look very able bodied. Indeed, to those who do not know me at once put me down as a shirker, or one who ought to be in the Army. Of course, I wear my late Regimental Badge, but that is generally looked upon as a cloak, as anyone can buy them and wear them.”

Michael’s reply from the R.G.A., Record Office at Dover acknowledged his letter, and explained that he was still of Military Age, have not served overseas, and therefore liable for medical re-examination under the Military Service Act, 1917. It was therefore regretted that Michael was not entitled for this awarded.

At the beginning of July Michael was admitted to Brompton Hospital, awaiting a vacancy at a Sanatorium. On the 8th July 1918, from his hospital bed at Ward 25. Gallery III, he wrote again to Dover. He pointed out that he was now diagnosed with Tubercular Larynx and Lungs. he was now a Tubercular case and he listed all the physicians he had seen to verify this. Now with Tubercular he will never be fit for the Army again. He wrote that he would like to apply once again for the Silver Badge, as he “considers I have made considerable sacrifices and would be grateful if the Army could make a special case of this, and what I receive would not be compared to what I have given voluntary.” He continued “I know of several cases of men discharged with silver badges whose discharge certificate is exactly the same as mine. Please grant me my request and send me a badge.” 

The reply from Dover, 9th July, explained that the rules governing the issue of the Silver Badge are laid down by the Army Council and that it is impossible for this office to make any exception.

Michael was sent to 145 Brompton Sanatorium, Frimley, a hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest. From his hospital bed he wrote on the 19th September 1918, his reasons why he believed he was eligible for the Silver Badge, and requested please that the Silver Badge be sent to the Sanatorium.

On the 21st September 1918, the Record Office acknowledge receipt of Michael’s letter, and explained he had not served overseas and discharged soldiers can only be considered if they were discharged on account of Neurasthenia or and allied functional nerve disease certified by a Special Medical Board to be the result of Military Service. As Michael was discharged on account of Ulceration of Lungs he was not eligible.

On the 22nd January 1919, Michael’s Silver War Badge was issued.

Michael Weiner died 14th March 1921, of 15, Cavendish Road, Southsea, Hampshire.


Harry Weiner, born 24th October 1887, London. In 1914, Portsmouth, Hampshire, Harry married Theresa Herrman, born 16th April 1885, Southampton, Hampshire, an Elementary School Teacher – Municipal of Portsmouth, daughter of Isaac, a Draper & Bertha Rachel Herrman (nee Silverman), of Portsmouth.

Harry became a Freemason, initiation date 12th April 1917, to the Portsmouth Lodge, he was 30 years old, and a manager. On the 10th August 1917, Harry changed his surname by Deed Poll to Wyner. In 1939, Harry was a Proprietor of the Automatic Vending Machine Exchange and a member of the Auxiliary Fire Service. He and Theresa were living at their family home – 26, Buckingham Mansions, Hampstead, London. Theresa’s widowed mother, Bertha Herrman, born 18th April 1860 was living at their home, plus 1 general domestic servant. Harry had been in business for since 1932, and travelled extensively with his vending machines for cigarettes and candy, especially to the U.S.A. He also had patent for the improvements to the tips of cigarettes. Theresa Wyner died 14th March 1960, of Pitbrook, Hordle Lane, Downton, Hampshire. Harry Wyner died on the 11th August 1969, of 8, Vernon Court, Hendon Way, London, N.W.2.


Rebecca Weiner, born 20th October 1889, Portsmouth, Hampshire. On the 17th June 1914, at Portsmouth Synagogue, Rebecca married Herbert Isaac Phillips, born 20th March 1889, Cardiff, Glamorganshire. In 1939, Rebecca & Herbert, a Tobacconist – owner, were living at their family home – 13, Bryngwyn Road, Newport, Monmouthshire. Rebecca’s niece Elizabeth Isabella Ritchie, born 1st July 1910, was staying at their home. Herbert Phillips died 4th August 1957, 13, Bryngwyn Road, Newport. Rebecca Phillips died 2nd February 1963, 13, Bryngwyn Road, Newport.


David Weiner, born 1892, Portsmouth, Hampshire – died 1907, Portsmouth.


Joseph Wolf Weiner, born 18th July 1894, Southsea, Hampshire. In 1921, Leeds, Yorkshire, Joseph married Minnie Cohen, born 30th March 1895, Russia, daughter of Lasser, a Furniture Dealer and Jeweller – ‘The Cash Stores’ & ‘Cohen Brothers’ & Gittel Cohen, of Leeds, Yorkshire. In 1939, Joseph was a Proprietor & Manager of Cigar & Tobacco Factory and an Air Raid Prevention Warden. He was living at his home – 76, St. Andrew’s Road, Portsmouth, his brother Morris Weiner, a Managing Director Wholesale Tobacconists, and an Air Raid Prevention Warden was staying at his home and one other. In 1939, Minnie and children were living at 21, Bryngwyn Road, Newport, Monmouthshire. Joseph died 29th November 1960, of 105, Abbots Gardens, Finchley, London N.2. Minnie Weiner died 26th April 1981, of 128, Fortune Green Road, London, N.M.6.


Twin brother – Sidney Weiner, born 11th November 1900, Portsmouth, Hampshire. In 1927, Portsmouth, Sidney married Hilda Shimbart, born 13th October 1902, Portsmouth, daughter of Samuel & Yetta Shimbart (nee Gluckman), Master Tailor & Tailoress – employers, of Portsmouth. In 1939, Sidney was a Master Provision & Grocer. He and Hilda were living with their family at their family home – 65, Tangier Road, Portsmouth. Sidney Weiner died 16th January 1883, of 102, Godwit Road, Milton, Hampshire. Hilda Weiner died 1997, Hendon, London.


Paternal Aunt Jane & Uncle Louis Rotheman & Cousin.


Phineas’s paternal aunt Jane Weiner, was born 9th August 1869, Russia, in 1893, Whitechapel, London, married Louis Rothman, born 1868, Kiev, Russia. Louis was the son of Moses Hirsch & Ethel Rothman, he had emigrated to England in 1887. By 1890, Louis had opened a small kiosk on Fleet Street, London, selling cigarettes he had rolled the previous evening. In December 1896, 27 year old, Louis Rothman, of 14, Deerbrook Road, Tulse Hill, London obtained British Citizenship granted by the Home Office, he was a tobacconist, married with a 2 year old daughter, Lily Rothman. By 1900, Louis had opened other shops and kiosks around the city of London, to sell his hand rolled cigarettes shop, and relocated his business to a small showroom at 5 & 5a, Pall Mall. From here Louis launched the Pall Mall brand of cigarettes. In 1905, King Edward VII granted Louis’s company a Royal Warrant. In 1913, Louis merged his business with Marcus Weinberg. This business arrangement was dissolved in 1916, after a disagreement between Louis and Marcus. Louis bought out full control of the business. Louis’s brother, Marx had a tobacco business in Regent Street, to distinguish his business Louis changed the name to Rothmans of Pall Mall.

In 1919, Louis went into a partnership with his son, Sydney Rothman, born 9th December 1897, London, together they began to sell their cigarettes direct to customers via a mail order service. Arriving to the smoker in just a few days the tobacco leaf was still fresh enough to enjoy. With UK government incentivises the wholesale business began to reach worldwide customers.

Rothmans of Pall Mall contained a blend of South Carolina tobacco and Virginia leaf and stayed Rothmans most popular blend, due to containing less nicotine than others brands.

Phineas’s uncle Louis Rothman died 15th December 1926, at 9, Mandeville Place, Middlesex, of 222, Walm Lane, Cricklewood, Middlesex. Laid to rest at Willesden New Cemetery, London. Probate to his son Sydney and Phineas’s brother, Harry Wyner, a Restaurateur.

Phineas’s aunt Jane Rothman died 21st May 1957, at 20, Devonshire Place, London, W.1., of Selsdon Park Hotel, Sanderstead, Surrey. Probate to her son Sydney and Phineas’s brother, Harry Wyner, a retired Company Director.




1901   38, St. Andrew’s Road, Portsmouth, Hampshire.


Phineas was 5 months old and living with his parents, siblings & twin brother.

Marks, 42, a Tobacco Manufacturer.

Lebe, 42.

Elizabeth, 22, Managing Tobacco Shop.

Deborah, 20, Managing Tobacco Shop.

Harry, 13.

Rebecca, 11.

David, 8.

William, 6.

Sidney, 5 months.

Marks Phillis, 27, a Tailor, born Russia.

1 general domestic servant.

1 nursemaid.


1911   44, Victoria Road, Southsea, Hampshire.


Phineas was 10 years old and living with his parents, siblings & twin brother.

Marks, 52, a Managing Director – Tobacco Manufacturer – Cigarette – employer.

Lebe, 52.

Harry, 23, a Tobacco Manager – Tobacco Manufacturer – family business.

Rebecca, 21, a Clerk – Tobacco Manufacturer – family business.

William, 16, a Cigarette Machine Operator – Tobacco Manufacturer – family business.

Sidney, 10.

1 general domestic servant.


On Thursday, 16th May 1929, at Portsmouth, Hampshire, Phineas M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., married Beatrice (Babs) May Dampier-Child, born 15th February 1904, Cameleon House, 17, Brougham Road, Southsea, Hampshire – youngest daughter of Richard & Mary Ann Dampier Child, of Southsea.


Father: Richard Dampier-Child, born 5th April 1842, Appleshaw, Andover, Hampshire – died 29th April 1923, Cameleon House, 17, Brougham Road, Southsea, Hampshire. A Barrister at Law – own account.


Richard Dampier Child was first married in May 1872, Sandown, Isle of Wight, Hampshire to Mary Louisa Dampier. The newly married couple adopted the Dampier-Child as their surname. Mary Louisa Dampier-Child filed a petition for divorce in March 1891, setting out her claims of a marriage of violence, abuse, cruelty, and adultery with Mary Ann Astridge. The final decree was filed in October 1891.


Mother: Mary Ann Dampier-Child (nee Astridge), born 17th April 1861, Cliddesden, Hampshire – died 19th December 1953, at Cameleon House, 17, Brougham House, Hampshire.


Phineas and Beatrice had 3 children:


Michael R. Child Weiner, born 1932, Ipswich – died 2014.


Mitzi Ann Child Weiner, born 1933, Ipswich – died 2020.


Marcus Philip Child Weiner, born 1936, Ipswich – died 1995.


Phineas Weiner died 19th October 1978, Ipswich, of 55, Westerfield Road, Ipswich.


Beatrice Weiner died 11th November 1988, of Downing House Nursing Home, 10, Fonnereau Road, Ipswich.

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