Mayor 1884 – 1885.


Member of the Conservative Party.

A member of the established church – Church of England.

Sterling was elected to the Council in 1862 as one of the representatives of the Westgate Ward.


Born: 1824, Higham by Nayland, Suffolk.

Baptised: 19th August 1824, at Higham by Nayland, Suffolk


Father: Richard Westhorp, born 1788, Suffolk – died January 1833, Long Melford, Suffolk. Laid to rest 16th January 1833, at Long Melford.


Mother: Mary Westhorp (nee White), born 1784, Chevington, Suffolk – died 20th October 1856, of Long Melford, Suffolk.




Mary Westhorp, born 12th February 1815, Hanover Square, London, baptised: 14th March 1815, at St. James Church, Clerkenwell, London, family residing at Northamton Square, Clerkenwell. On Thursday, 14th December 1848, at Long Melford, Mary married (by her paternal uncle the Reverend Sterling Moseley Westhorp, of Sibton, Suffolk) the Reverend Charles Chapman M.A., born August 1807, New Windsor, Berkshire, a Scholar at Eton College and Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge. Just one week before their wedding day, Rev. Charles Chapman, the Perpetual Curate of Lindsey and Kersey, Suffolk was appointed to the Vicarage of Prescot, Lancashire (£1,352 per annum), patrons King’s College, Cambridge. On the 30th March 1849, Mary and Charles were visiting Mary’s sister and her husband, Sarah Frances and Rowland Cobbold, at their home at High Street, St. Alban’s, Hertfordshire, when Charles committed suicide by cutting his own throat. The inquest returned a verdict of ‘temporary insanity,’ the cause is supposed that the move to the wealthy and heavy charged appointed to the Vicarage of Prescot caused a depression of anxious and over sensitive spirit and led to the commission of the rash act. Mary Chapman, a shareholder in water works, died on the 30th March 1868, of White House, Aldeburgh, Suffolk.


Richard White Westhorp, born 6th June 1816, Cheapside, London, baptised 4th July 1816, at St. Mary-le-Bow, with All Hallow’s Church, Honey Lane, City of London. Richard died Wednesday, 27th September 1826, of Long Melford, Suffolk.


Sarah Frances Westhorp, born 29th July 1817, of 105, Cheapside, London, baptised New Year’s Day, 1818, at St. Mary-le-Bow, with All Hallow’s Church, Honey Lane, City of London. On the 17th September 1846, at Long Melford, Sarah married (by the Rev. J.W. Westhorp), Rowland Townshend Cobbold, of Carlton Rookery, Saxmundham, Suffolk, born 19th May 1821, Eye, Suffolk. Rowland continued his medical education at St. George’s Hospital, London, where he passed examinations in both medicine and surgery and obtained the Licence of the Society of Apothecaries and Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons. After their marriage Sarah and Rowland moved to St. Alban’s, Hertfordshire, where Rowland had a practise between 1846 – 1853. He also became a Honorary Surgeon to St. Alban’s General Hospital. The Cobbold family then moved to Woodbridge, Suffolk and Trimley St. Mary, Suffolk, before purchasing Dedham Lodge at Dedham, Essex. Sarah and Rowland had 9 children. Sarah Cobbold died 8th June 1891, at Dedham Lodge, Dedham, Essex. Rowland Cobbold died 19th December 1895, at Dedham Lodge, Dedham.


On the 25th September 1915, Sarah and Rowland’s grandson, Rowland Townshend Cobbold, was killed in action, he was 23 years old. Rowland was ranked a Second Lieutenant for the Royal Field Artillery, 6th Battery. Rowland was laid to rest at Brandhoek Military Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. Rowland is commemorated on the war memorial at St. Mary the Virgin Church, Bramford, Suffolk.


John White Westhorp, born 14th November 1818, of Cheapside, London, Baptised 12th July 1820, at St. Mary-le-Bow, with All Hallow’s Church, Honey Lane, City of London. In 1861, John was the Rector of Hargraves and staying with his maternal aunt Frances White at her home ‘The Grove’ Chevington. Frances’s parlourmaid was 23 year old, Mary Ann Bridge. On the 3rd January 1867, at St. Pancras Church, Middlesex, John, a Clerk in Holy Orders, married Mary Ann Bridge, born 1837, Chevington, Suffolk – daughter of James Bridge (born 1809, Risby, Suffolk – died 1893, Great Saxham, Suffolk), a carpenter and Hannah Bridge (nee Challis, born 1813, Depden, Suffolk – died 1861, Chevington), of Chevington, Suffolk. John and Mary Ann had 6 children and made their family home at Park Village East, Regent’s Park, Middlesex.

The Reverend John Westhorp died 13th April 1882, at his home 12, Park Village East, Regent’s Park, Middlesex. Laid to rest 15th April 1882, Camden, London. Mary Ann Westhorp died 14th April 1918, of Stanmore, Luton Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire.


John and Mary Ann’s eldest son John White Westhorp (born 1868 – died 1935), was a first-class cricketer, between 1888 – 1894, and played for Middlesex.


On the 30th May 1918, John and Mary Ann’s grandson, John Westhorp was killed in action at the Battle of Marne, he was 18 years old. John was ranked a Private for the Gloucestershire Regiment, Civil Service Rifles. He is commemorated on the Soissons Memorial, France and on the Chapel war memorial at Ipswich School, Suffolk.


Ann Elizabeth Westhorp, born 1820, Higham by Nayland, Suffolk, baptised 24th March 1820, Higham by Nayland, Suffolk. Ann Westhorp died 30th August 1889, at 5, Elstow Terrace, Creffield Road, Colchester, Essex.


Elizabeth Sterling Westhorp, born 1821, Higham by Nayland, Suffolk, baptised 22nd September 1821, at Higham by Nayland. Elizabeth Westhorp died 3rd November 1821, Higham by Nayland.


Frances Jane Westhorp, born 1823, Higham by Nayland, Suffolk, baptised 16th February 1823, at Higham by Nayland. Frances Westhorp died 1828, Higham by Nayland.


George Westhorp, born 1826, Long Melford, Suffolk. On the 30th August 1864, at St. Paul’s Church, Clifton, Gloucestershire, George, a solicitor, married Anna Maria Bryant, born 1830, Bristol, Gloucestershire – daughter of Robert Bryant and Anna Maria Bryant (nee Reynolds, born 1805, Bristol – died August 1864,of 2, Leicester Villas, Clifton), of St. Paul’s, Clifton. George and Anna Maria had 6 children. George Westhorp died 2nd June 1906, at 5, Edde Cross, Ross, Herefordshire. Anna Maria Westhorp died 11th December 1912, at 5, Edde Close, Ross.


Elizabeth Westhorp, born 1827, Long Melford, Suffolk. Elizabeth Westhorp died 18th November 1846, Long Melford.


On the 16th April 1857, at St. Mary-le-Tower Church, Ipswich, Sterling married Henrietta Maria Daniel, born 4th February 1834, Weybread, Suffolk, baptised 4th March 1834, at Weybread – youngest daughter of the Reverend John Edge Daniel and Mary Daniel (nee Aldrich), of Tavern Street, Ipswich.


The Reverend John Edge Daniel was born February 1805, at Walton, Cumberland. John was the eldest son of Rear Admiral William Henry Daniel, R.N., of Ipswich. John attended Christ’s College, Cambridge, before being ordained in 1828. He became the Vicar of Weybread in May 1829, and was also from September 1829 to 1831, curate-in-charge at Long Melford, Suffolk. In June 1831, John was appointed Surrogate for the granting of marriage licenses and probate of wills, for the Archdeaconry of Sudbury. Whilst at Weybread, in May 1836, the Board of Guardians of the Hoxne Union unanimously elected John as Chaplain to the Union Workhouse, at Laxfield, Suffolk. In May 1845 John became Vicar of Wingfield, Suffolk. In April 1850, John became the Chaplain of the Suffolk County Gaol, at Ipswich. He resigned as Chaplain in the Room at the gaol in 1872. The Rev. John Daniel died in October 1888, of 1, Neale Street, Ipswich.




1841   The Green, Long Melford, Suffolk.


Sterling was 15 years old and living with his widowed mother and sisters.

Mary, 55, an Independent.

Sarah, 20.

Elizabeth, 13.

1 male servant.

2 female servants.


1851   Tower Lodge, St. Mary at the Tower, Ipswich.


Sterling was 26 years old, an Attorney and Solicitor. Two of his siblings were living with him.

George, 25, an Attorney and Solicitor.

Mary Chapman (nee Westhorp), 36, a widow.

1 house servant.


1861   46, Berners Street, St. Matthew’s, Ipswich.


Sterling was 36 years old, a Solicitor. He was married and head of the household.

Henrietta, 27.

1 cook.

1 housemaid.


1871   27 & 29, Henley Road, Ipswich.


Sterling was 46 years old, a Solicitor. He was married and head of the household, his twin nephews were living with Sterling.

Henrietta, 37.

Arthur Westhorp Cobbold, 18, a Mechanical Engineer’s Apprentice, born St. Alban’s, Hertfordshire.

Alfred Townsend Cobbold, 18, a Solicitor’s Articled Clerk, born St. Alban’s, Hertfordshire.

1 cook/housekeeper.

2 housemaids.

1 kitchenmaid.


1881   Oaklands, Belstead Road, Ipswich.


Sterling was 56 years old, a Solicitor and an Alderman. He was married and head of the household, his niece was a visitor.

Henrietta, 47.

Fanny Mary Cobbold, a retired surgeon’s daughter, born St. Alban’s, Hertfordshire.

1 cook/housekeeper.

1 parlourmaid.

1 housemaid.

1 kitchenmaid.


1891   Oaklands, Belstead Road, Ipswich.


Sterling was 66 years old, a Solicitor – employer and Justice of the Peace. He was married and head of the household.

Henrietta, 57.

1 lady companion.

1 visitor.

1 cook.

1 parlourmaid.

1 housemaid.

1 kitchenmaid.



Image courtesy of Mr. A. Gilbert – Ipswich Borough Council.

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