The Mayor of Ipswich, Harry Raffe was the special guest at the annual distribution of prizes to the boys of Bramford Road School, which was held on Thursday, 30th July 1908, in the afternoon. Before Harry arrived, the parents had been invited into the school to view the students work done during the past year. After the boys had sung a few songs they all lined up in the school playground to await the arrival of the Mayor.

Harry Raffe was accompanied by the Chairman of the Managers, Mr. Sydney Brand and as the gentleman arrived in the playground the National Anthem was sung. The Mayor spoke about the successes of the Bramford Road School, notably in attendance, physical exercises, football, and cricket. He told the boys they were fortunate to have such a good master as Mr. George William Senton and hoped they would always do their best at work and play. Harry then proceeded to distribute the prizes to the schoolboys. Special cricket prizes were also presented for batting, bowling, fielding, and all-round play, to Hynard, Driver, Golding, and Seammen. For the third successive year, Bramford Road School had won the Attendance Shield, to commemorate the fact Mr. Sydney Brand had organised a very handsome shield which Harry Raffe presented to the Head Boy, Wilfred Girling. Hearty cheers were given at the close of the afternoon for the Mayor of Ipswich and Mr. Sydney Brand. Evening Star – Friday, 31st July 1908

Evening Star – Monday, 4th September 1916 – On Monday, 4th September 1916, at the Ipswich Police Court, FRANK DOUGLAS KEELEY (Killed in action WW1) mother, Barbara Keeley, of 34, Schreiber Road, was before the Mayor of Ipswich, Mr. Sydney Brand, charged with a Lighting Infringement, she pleaded Guilty and was fined 6s. and 5s. expenses.




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