Mayor 1900 – 1901.


Member of the Liberal Party.

A Nonconformist – Protestant Dissenter.

William was elected to the Council on the 24th November 1890 as one of the representatives of the Bridge Ward.


Born: 11th February 1850, Bank Street, St. Peter’s, Ipswich.




Elizabeth Sarissa Paul, born 13th November 1836, Foundation Street, Ipswich. On the 14th September 1859, at Tacket Street Chapel, Ipswich, by the Reverend E. Jones, Elizabeth married Albert Cowell Ridley, born 7th September 1835, Ipswich, birth registered at the Stoke Green Baptist Chapel. Albert was a wholesale chemist, of the firm Grimwade, Ridley and Co., Elizabeth and Albert had 6 children, and made their family home at Henley Road, Ipswich. Albert Ridley died 15th May 1896, of cancer, at his residence Helenscote, Henley Road, Ipswich. Laid to rest at Ipswich Old Cemetery following a service at Burlington Baptist Chapel, Ipswich. Elizabeth Ridley died 22nd June 1916, Ipswich.


Selina Paul Ridley, born 1839, Ipswich – died 18th January 1900. At her residence 39, Fonnereau Road, Ipswich. Laid to rest 22nd January 1900, with her parents, at Ipswich Old Cemetery, Section Q.


Ellen Paul, born 1841, Ipswich. On the 3rd July 1868, at Tacket Street Chapel, by the Reverend E. Jones, Ellen married George William Thompson, born 1839, Grantham, Lincolnshire. Ellen and George had 2 children. George was a general warehouseman – own account – employer. Ellen Thompson died 8th January 1908, of 29, Avenue Road, Grantham. Laid to rest at Grantham Cemetery. George Thompson died 3rd June 1927, of 29, Avenue Road, Grantham. Laid to rest at Grantham Cemetery.



1851   Bank Street, St. Peter’s, Ipswich.


William was a year old and living with his parents & siblings.

Robert, 43, a Corn Merchant.

Elizabeth, 33.

Elizabeth, 14.

Selina, 12.

Ellen, 10.

Robert, 6.

2 female house servants – sisters.


1861   39, Fonnereau Road, St. Margaret’s, Ipswich.


William was 11 years old and living with his parents & siblings.

Robert, 52, a Corn Merchant.

Elizabeth, 42.

Selina, 21.

Ellen, 19.

Robert, 16.

2 female house servants.


1871   39, Fonnereau Road, St. Margaret’s, Ipswich.


William was 21 years old, a Corn Merchant. He was living at the Paul family home with his sister.

Selina, 29.

1 cook.

1 housemaid.


1881   ‘Hill Side’ Fonnereau Road, St. Margaret’s, Ipswich.


William was 31 years old, a Corn Merchant. He was married and head of the household.

Jessie, 27.

Bernard, 5.

Ida, 4.

Hugh, 2.

Stewart, 1.

1 cook.

1 parlourmaid.

1 nurse.

1 under nurse.


1891   Orwell Lodge, Belstead Road, St. Mary at Stoke, Ipswich.


William was 41 years old, a Corn Merchant – employer. He was married and head of the household.

Ida, 24.

Ida, 14.

Hugh, 12.

Stewart, 11.

1 cook.

1 nurse.

1 parlourmaid.

1 housemaid.


Orwell Cottage, Belstead Road.

1 widowed coachman and his 5 sons, 2 employed as grooms.


1901   Orwell Lodge, Belstead Road, St. Mary at Stoke, Ipswich.


William was 51 years old, a Grain Merchant – employer. He was married and head of the household.

Ida, 34.

Ida, 24.

Hugh, 22.

Stuart, 21.

Cyril, 9.

Marjorie, 7.

Audrey, 2.

visitor – Helen Stokes Roberts, 22, an Artist – Painter, born Kensington, Middlesex.

1 footman.

1 cook.

1 nurse.

1 parlourmaid.

1 housemaid.

1 kitchenmaid.

1 nursemaid.


In 1874, Norwich, Norfolk, William married Jessie Eliza Mary Springall, born 27th September 1853, Norwich – daughter of James and Jessie Springall, of Norwich.


Father: James Springall, born 18th July 1817, Worstead, Norfolk. A Grocer – own account, of Timber Hill, Norwich. James’s business supplied groceries to the prisons of Norwich. James died 23rd August 1869, Lakenham, Norfolk.

Mother: Jessie Springall (nee French), born 2nd November 1825, Norwich. Jessie died 29th June 1865, Norwich.


Jessie and William had 5 children:

Adela Mary Paul, born 1885, Ipswich – died 29th October 1887, St. Margaret’s, Ipswich. Laid to rest 2nd November 1887, at Ipswich Old Cemetery.


On the 18th October 1888, at the City Temple, London, by the Reverend W. Hubbard, William married Ida Florence Lankester, born 1866, Stowmarket – youngest daughter of Eustace and Ellen Lankester, of Waveney House, Henley Road, Ipswich.


Father: Eustace Frederick Lankester, born 1836, Stowmarket, Suffolk. Eustace was a wine, spirit, and liqueur merchant and head of the firm of Lankester and Wells. He had succeeded to the business on the death of his father Joseph Antrim Lankester, and by his business ability raised the firm to be one of the foremost in the Eastern Counties. In 1874, the partnership with Mr. Robert Wells was dissolved. In the late 1880’s Eustace, of Stricklands, Stowmarket moved to Ipswich, and later to Bournemouth, after handing over the management of Lankester and Wells business in Stowmarket and Northampton to his sons. Eustace died 14th February 1895 at his residence of Ravensknoll, West Cliff, Bournemouth, Hampshire.

Mother: Ellen Lankester (nee Horsey), born 1838, Portsea, Hampshire. Ellen died 3rd March 1915, of Grove Park, Middlesex.


Ida and William had 3 children:


Cyril Lankester Paul, born 2nd June 1891, Ipswich. During the First World War, in September 1914, Cyril was made a temporary Second Lieutenant. In 1916, a Second Lieutenant and in 1917, a Lieutenant for the Royal Field Artillery. He served in France from the 24th July 1915, and as a Major was awarded the Victory, British War and 1915 Star. The medals were sent to his residence at Stapenhill, Broughton Road, Ipswich. On the 1st December 1915, at St. Mark’s Church, North Audley Street, London, Cyril, a Second Lieutenant for the R.F.A., of Orwell Lodge, Ipswich, married Rachel Gwendolen Middleton Phillips, born 1st March 1895, 71, Grosvenor Street, St. George Hanover Square, London, baptised 24th May 1895, at St. Thomas Church, Regent Street, London – daughter of Doctor John Phillips, a obstetric physician and gynaecologist of King’s College, and Rachel (Aidy) Rattray Phillips (nee Middleton), of 68, Brook Street, London and “The Wilderness” Tadley, Hampshire. During the First World War Rachel Phillips hosted entertainment in the grounds of “The Wilderness” for wounded soldiers. She was also actively interested in the Boy Scout movement at Tadley. In the New Year Honours list 1918, Doctor John Phillips was appointed by King George V the honour of Sir, and from 1918 Honorary Physician to Queen Mary. Rachel and Cyril had 5 children. Rachel Paul died 30th October 1978, of Inhurst Cottage, Baughurst, Hampshire. Cyril Paul died 6th June 1984, of Tower House, High Street, Hurstpierpoint, West Susses, laid to rest 13th June 1984, Hurstpierpoint. Rachel Paul died 1978, Hampshire.


Marjorie Florence Paul, born 2nd August 1893, Ipswich. In 1922, Ipswich, Marjorie married Frank C. Johnson. Marjorie Johnson died 3rd May 1972, of 11, St. Anthony’s Road, Bournemouth, Hampshire.


Audrey Frances Paul, born 23rd August 1898, Ipswich. In 1927, Ipswich, Audrey married Arthur Cecil French, born 11th November 1896, The Rectory, Little Blakenham, Suffolk. In 1907 Arthur won a chorister ship for admission to King’s Choir School, Cambridge. During the First World War, Arthur, a Cadet from the Royal Military College to be a Second Lieutenant, Suffolk Regiment, dated 16th June 1915. He served in France from July 1916 and was awarded the Victory and British War medals.   After their marriage Audrey and Arthur, who was serving in the Army lived in India. Audrey and Arthur had 1 son born in India, and mother and child returned to England in 1931. In 1939, Audrey and Arthur, a secretary for the Territorial Army – Suffolk Regiment Army Reserve and their son were living at their family home – 16, Selwyn Gardens, Cambridge, with five house servants. From 1947 – 1961, Arthur was the secretary to the Council of Territorial and Auxiliary Forces’ Association. Major Arthur French died 15th October 1975, of Long Acre, Haverhill Road, Stapleford, Cambridge. Audrey French died 14th July 1982, of Meadowcroft, 16, Trumpington Road, Cambridge. Cremation 19th July 1982, Cambridge.



Image courtesy of Mr. A. Gilbert – Ipswich Borough Council.

www.ancestry.co.uk   for census returns, births, marriages, deaths, probates, military records and other historical online records.

Members of the Council – in and since 1835 – Mr. B.P. Grimsey – July 1892.


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