Chief Constable of the Ipswich Borough Police with 40 years of service.



Born: 1814, Ipswich.
Baptised: 26th September 1814, at St. Margaret’s Church, Ipswich.

Father: George Mason, born 1786. A Tailor. George died 9th August 1847, at his residence Barclay Street, Ipswich.

Mother: Elizabeth Mason (nee Carrington), born 1787 – died 1884.

Frederick Augustus Leonard Mason, born 1820, Ipswich, baptised 25th March 1821, St. Margaret’s Church, Ipswich. On the 12th October 1841, at St. Mary the Virgin Church, Mistley, Essex, Frederick married Elizabeth Mary Anne Bloomfield, born 1822, Ipswich – daughter of Benjamin Christopher Bloomfield & Sarah Bloomfield (nee Green), of Ipswich. Elizabeth and Frederick had 3 children. Frederick was a Police Constable for the Ipswich Borough Police Force, he had served 10 years & 3 months, when he died 27th June 1859, of Epilepsy. In 1861, widow Elizabeth, her daughter and 2 sons are living in Chenery Street, next door to William and Eliza.


1841 Lower Barclay Street, St. Margaret’s, Ipswich.

William was 25 years old, a Police Constable. He was married and head of the household.
Eliza, 25.
Emma, 2.


1851 Tower Ditches, St. Mary at the Tower, Ipswich.

William was 36 years old, a Superintendent of Police. He was married and head of the household.
Eliza, 36.
Emma, 11.
Eliza, 9.
William, 7.
Mary Ann, 5.
Carrington, 4.

1861 Chenery Street, St. Margaret’s, Ipswich.

William was 46 years old, a Police Superintendent. He was married and head of the household.
Eliza, 46.
Emma, 21, a Milliner.
Eliza, 19, a Dressmaker.
William, 17, a Butcher’s Apprentice.
Carrington, 14.
Harry, 6.


1871 1, Chenery Street, St. Margaret’s, Ipswich.

William was 56 years old, a Head Constable of Police. He was married and head of the household.
Eliza, 56.
William, 27, a Butcher.
Harry, 16.

On the 9th April 1838, Suffolk, William married Eliza Flory, born 1816, Tattingstone.

Eliza and William had 6 children:

Emma Harriet Ann Mason, born 1839, Ipswich, baptised with her sister Eliza 18th January 1843, at St. Mary le Tower, Ipswich. On the 16th January 1876, at St. Matthew’s Church, Ipswich, Emma married William Robert Peter Pryke, born 5th September 1844, Stowmarket, Suffolk, baptised 23rd March 1845, Stowmarket. Emma and William had 1 daughter, Alice Harriet Emma Pryke, born April 1877, at the Golden Fleece Hotel, 46, St. Matthew’s Street, Ipswich. The licence for the Golden Fleece Hotel was transferred to William on Thursday, 23rd November 1876 from Mr. Charles Hilliyard. William and Emma stayed at the Golden Fleece until the licence was transferred to Mary Ann Jennings on Thursday, 22nd November 1877. The couple then became Innkeepers to the Rose Inn, St. Peter’s Street. William Pryke, an Innkeeper, died 26th November 1878, at the Rose Inn, St. Peter’s Street, Ipswich. Ipswich.
In 1881, Ipswich, Emma married Edwin Goodwin, born Manningtree, Essex. A master butcher. Edwin Goodwin died 1901, Essex. Emma Goodwin died 1906, Dovercourt, Essex.

Eliza Ellen Elizabeth Mason, born 1842, St. Mary le Tower, Ipswich, baptised with her sister Emma 18th January 1843, at St. Mary le Tower, Ipswich. On the 26th September 1869, at St. Margaret’s Church, Ipswich, Eliza married George Bennett, born 1843, Bucklesham, Suffolk. George was a house carpenter. Eliza and George had 10 children. Eliza Bennett died 8th January 1887, Laid to rest 12th January 1887, Greenwich. George Bennett died 23rd March 1933, of 67, Coldbath Street, Greenwich.

William Carrington Mason, born 1843, St. Mary le Tower, Ipswich, baptised 20th February 1844, at St. Mary le Tower, Ipswich. William was employed from a young age by Mr. Michael Upson, a Wholesale and Retail Butcher, of 74, Carr Street, Ipswich. During the latter years of this gentleman’s life, William started to manage the business. When Michael Upson died in October 1885, William continued to carry on the business. William Mason took his own life Thursday, 3rd April 1890 by hanging himself. At the time William had been engaged to be married to Mrs. Sarah Anne Tilbrook, a widow (Sarah was continuing the butcher’s business her late husband James Edward Tilbrook had established at 39, Norwich Road, Ipswich). The inquest on the body was held at St. Margaret’s Board School on Thursday evening before the Borough Coroner, where brother, Carrington Mason identified the body. Evidence showed that although William was not pressed for money, the business was rather quiet, and people were slow in their payments. He was quite solvent. Cause of death was suffocation, caused by hanging.

Mary Ann Mason, born 1845, Ipswich, baptised 13th September 1846, at St. Mary le Tower, Ipswich.

Carrington William Mason, born 1846, Ipswich, baptised 22nd January 1847, Ipswich. On the 20th May 1869, at St. Martins-in-the-Fields, London, Carrington, a Station Master at Wyvenhoe, Essex, married Ellen Cornish, born 1846, Ipswich – only daughter of Searles Cornish, a builder, of London, late of Ipswich, and Mary Wiles Norman, of Northumberland Street, London. Ellen and Carrington had 1 son. Carrington was employed by the Great Eastern Railway Company, he was Station Master at Baylham, Suffolk, Wyvenhoe, Essex, Claydon, Suffolk and Bentley, Suffolk. Carrington Mason died 30th November 1916, of 70, Ditchling Rise, Preston, East Sussex. Ellen Mason died 17th March 1918, of 404, Woodbridge Road, Ipswich.

Harry John Mason, born 1855, Ipswich – died 1872, Ipswich.

Chief Constable William Mason tendered his resignation to the Watch Committee in September 1878. After 40 years of service to the people of Ipswich, William’s retirement began on Saturday, 4th January 1879. On Wednesday, 8th January 1879, the Town Council resolved to give a retiring pension. William was awarded a pension of £100 a-year, two thirds of his pay.

The Watch Committee reported at an Ipswich Town Council meeting held at the Town Hall, on Wednesday, 25th September 1878, and chaired by The Mayor Mr. Charles Henry Cowell, that the duties and responsibilities of the Chief Constable had increased considerably since the appointment of Mr. Mason, and being likely still to increase, the Committee were of the opinion that in order to obtain a suitable and efficient person for the appointment, an increased salary would be required. On reference to salaries paid to Chief Constables in other Boroughs of about the same population as Ipswich, the Watch Committee recommended the Council to approve a salary of £250 per annum. The Council approved and the Town Clerk, Mr. John Orford was asked to advertise for applicants for the appointment of Chief Constable for Ipswich.

On Wednesday evening, 7th May 1879, William attended the Ipswich Races, and seemed to be quite in his usual good health. Later in the evening he went to meet his son, William at Mr. Michael Upson and accompanied him home at about half-past nine. He went into his backyard, and as he did not return, Eliza went out after him and found William lying in the backyard. Mr. H G Moore, surgeon, was summoned, but nothing more could be done.

William died 7th May 1879, at his residence 1, Chenery Street, Ipswich.

Probate to William Carrington Mason – son, a butcher, of Major’s Corner, Ipswich.



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