Some alarm has been occasioned in the course of the past week, in consequence of the fall of portions of the upper cornice of the principal front of the Town Hall. The cornice is a very bold one and is highly enriched on its under side. The enrichment consists of massive cantilevers, and a bold detailing between them. These enrichments have broken sheer off in many places, leaving most unsightly patches of raw stone, and doing some damage to other portions of the front in their fall. It is supposed that during the late snows and rains, the cornice has become saturated – probably from defects in the lead work above – and that frost, acting upon the wet mass, has done the rest of the mischief. The work on which this damage has been done is principally in Bath stone, which of course absorbs much moisture, unless very carefully covered. A barricade has been erected on the pavement in front of the Town Hall, to prevent passengers going too near, so as to risk injury from a falling stone. The Ipswich Journal – Saturday, 4th February 1871.


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