Mayor 1873 – 1874.

Second term of office 1874 – 1875.

Member of the Conservative Party.

A member of the established church – Church of England.

Barrington moved to Ipswich in 1851. He entered the Council in 1869 as one of the representatives of the Middle Ward.


Born: 27th January 1819, Aspall, Suffolk.




1841   Aspall Hall, Aspall, Suffolk.


Barrington was 23 years old. He was living with his father, stepmother, step siblings and paternal uncle.

Charles Chevallier, 66, an Independent, born Aspall.

John Chevallier, 63.

Elizabeth Chevallier, 50.

Charles, 17.

Emily, 16.

Isabellle, 8.

Maria, 2.


1851   Aspall Hall, Aspall, Suffolk.


Barrington was 32 years old, a Justice of the Peace and Physician in Practice – M.B. Oxford. He was married and head of the household, his widowed stepmother, and stepsisters.

Ellen, 32.

Barrington, 1 month.

Elizabeth Chevallier, 57.

Isabella, 18.

Elizabeth, 11.

nephew – Charles John Boutell, 6, born Sandridge, Hertfordshire.

nephew – Arthur Brandon Chevallier Boutell, 1, born Downham Market, Norfolk.

cousin – Frederic Lacy Robinson, 10, born Wetherden, Suffolk.

14 house servants.

Barrington used Aspall Hall as a private asylum, in 1851, he had in his care seven patients.


1861   No.1, Bent Hill House, Felixstowe, Suffolk.


Barrington was 42 years old, a Magistrate and Physician M.D. He was married and head of the household.

Mary, 35.

Barrington, 10.

Charles, 8.

sister-in-law – Elizabeth Leach, 27, born Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

1 housemaid.

1 nursemaid.


1871   ‘The Grove’ St. Helen’s Street, Ipswich.


Barrington was 52 years old, a Magistrate and Physician and Landowner. He was married and head of the household.

Charles, 18.

Mary, 7.

Edith, 2.

Claude, 1.

Stepson – Joseph Miles, 20, an Undergradulate of Cambridge, born Hornsey, Middlesex.

1 nurse.

1 cook.

1 house maid.

1 under nurse.

1 kitchen maid.

2 attendants to patients.

1 visitor and servant.

4 boarders.


Barrington’s wife, Mary was away visiting her sister and brother-in-law, Anne Frances Hardy (nee Leach) & William Read Hardy, and two nephews and two nieces at the Hardy family home – 11, Belsize Park, Hampstead, London.


1881   Ipswich Borough Asylum, Foxhall Road, Ipswich.


Barrington was 62 years old, a Medical Superintendent, Physician and Justice of the Peace. He was married and head of the household.

Mary, 55.

Mary, 17.

Clement, 15.

Edith, 12.

widowed sister-in-law – Fanny Charlotte Chevallier (nee Bellman), 64, born Helmingham, Suffolk.

1 cook.

1 house maid.



Image courtesy of Mr. A. Gilbert – Ipswich Borough Council.

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