Mayor 1905 – 1906.


Member of the Conservative Party.

A member of the established church – Church of England.

At a full annual meeting of the Ipswich Council held at the Town Hall on Thursday, 9th November 1905, Bunnell was duly elected Mayor of Ipswich for the ensuing year. He was not a member of the Council, but all felt he qualified by reason of his family traditions, and his own business ability.


Born: 9th July 1858, Ipswich.



1861   19, Neale Street, St. Margaret’s, Ipswich.


Bunnell was 2 years old and living with his father & brother.

Henry, 37, a Wholesale Grocer.

George, 1.

2 female servants.


1871   6, Burlington Road, St. Matthew’s, Ipswich.


Bunnell was 12 years old and living with his parents, siblings.

Henry, 47, a Sugar & Cheese Importer.

Mary, 45.

George, 12.

Mary, 9.

Emily, 8.

William, 6.

Elizabeth, 9 months.

maternal aunt – Jane Lewis, 31, a Student in Government School of Art, born Liberty of Norton Folgate, Middlesex.

1 cook.

1 nurse maid.


1881   St. Peter’s Street, St. Peter’s, Ipswich.


Bunnell was 22 years old, a Merchant Importer. He was living with his widowed mother & siblings.

Mary, 55, a Wholesale Grocer.

Parker, 16, a Salesman Clerk.

Rosa, 10.

1 cook.

1 parlour maid.


1891   7, Burlington Road, St. Matthew’s, Ipswich.


Bunnell was 32 years old, a Sugar Merchant and Miller. He was married and head of the household.

Eveline, 20.

sister-in-law – Eliza Beatrice Lawrence (nee Earnshaw), 28, a clergyman’s wife, born Sheffield, Yorkshire.

1 cook.

1 house maid.

1 ladies’ maid.


1901   ‘Moat’ Tuddenham Road, St. Margaret’s, Ipswich.


Bunnell was 43 years old, a Provision Merchant – employer. He was married and head of the household.

Eveline, 30.

1 cook.

1 nurse.

1 parlour maid.

1 kitchen maid.

1 house maid.


In 1911, Bunnell’s wife was living at their family home – ‘The Park’ Wherstead, Suffolk.

Eveline, 40.

guest – Dora Margaret Inskip, 25, born Spalding, Lincolnshire (Dora’s father, was Oliver Digby Inskip – Headmaster of Framlingham College, Suffolk).

1 butler.

1 footman.

1 page boy.

1 head house maid.

1 2nd house maid.

1 3rd house maid.

1 head kitchen maid.

1 2nd kitchen maid.

1 scullery maid.

1 ladies’ maid.

1 groom to Hunters.



At a meeting held on Saturday, 4th May 1907, under the presidency of Walter Sinclair, it was resolved to revive the Ipswich Amateur Operatic Company. In the past it had become impossible to obtain the services of a sufficient number of amateurs in the town capable of acting as principles, so the company had been in a state of suspended animation for over six years. During the meeting reconstruction of the Society began, first with new personnel appointments of the management, all of whom were determined to announce that Ipswich once again had a Society, which would devote itself to the study and performance by amateurs of operas of various kinds. Mr. Brunnell Burton was elected President, with Walter as Vice-President on relinquishment of that of conductor, which was appointed to Mr. Jonathan Job, F.R.C.O., and Mr. William Chandler Block consented to continue as treasurer. Due to time, the Committee decided to revive Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Iolanthe” for December. In the past, there had always been a rush to obtain tickets to the Society’s performances. The Committee hoped that the residents of Ipswich would still be ready and willing to support the efforts of amateur opera singers in such performances. Evening Star – Monday, 6th May 1907

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