Mayor 1881 – 1882.


Member of the Liberal Party.

A member of the established church – Church of England.

Frederick moved to Ipswich in 1851 to become the principal of a small concern, after securing the drapery business carried on by Mr. William Jarrold Ray, in a long narrow shop in Tavern Street. Frederick was elected to the Council in 1872 as one of the representatives of the Middle Ward.


Born: 2nd June 1827, Romsey, Hampshire.

Baptised: 3rd June 1827, at Romsey.


Father: Henry Fish, born May 1805, Romsey, Hampshire. A Yeoman Farmer, of Spursholt Farm, near Romsey. Spursholt Farm, a dairy and sheep farm of arable and pastureland was formerly farmed by Henry’s father James Fish. In November 1838 after the death of Sarah, Henry married Elizabeth Ralphs (nee Jones). Henry Fish died 2nd December 1870 after a long and painful illness of cancer, at his home Alma Cottage, Basing, Hampshire.


Mother: Sarah Fish (nee Judd), born October 1806, Romsey, Hampshire – died November 1837, Romsey. Laid to rest 27th November 1837, Romsey.


Stepmother: Elizabeth Fish (nee Jones (1st marriage Ralphs), born 1808. Elizabeth’s first husband, John Ralphs, of Weymouth Street, Warminster, was a clerk of the works in 1830-31 during the building of Christ Church, Warminster, he died in January 1837, aged 35, and laid to rest at Christ Church-Yard. Elizabeth Fish died 1868, Romsey, Hampshire.




Margaret Fish, born 1829, Romsey, baptised 17th April 1829, Romsey. Margaret became a housekeeper in London. She died April 1877, at 14, Selwood Place, Brompton. Laid to rest 4th April 1877 in a private grave at Brompton Cemetery, London.


Emily Sarah Fish, born 1831, Romsey, baptised 4th March 1831, Romsey. In 1850, New Forest, Hampshire, Emily married George Light, born 1820, Eling, Hampshire.


Emily Light died 1857, Totten, New Forest, Hampshire.

George Light died 2nd December 1857, Totton.


Frances Mary Fish, born 1835, Romsey, baptised 29th June 1836, Romsey. Frances Fish died 27th July 1911, at her home of Frogmore, 59, Cheltenham Road, Southend on Sea, Essex. Laid to rest 1st August 1909 in the private grave of her sister Margaret Fish, at Brompton Cemetery, London.


Thomas Dawkins Fish, born 1836, Romsey, baptised 29th June 1836, Romsey – died July 1850. Laid to rest 10th July 1850, Romsey.


Henry James Fish, born 1837, Romsey, baptised 11th January 1837, Romsey – died 1843, Romsey. Laid to rest 23rd November 1843, Romsey.




Elizabeth Ralphs Fish, born 1839, Romsey, Hampshire. In 1861, Ipswich, Elizabeth married John Main Palmer, born 1838, Bury St. Edmunds, baptised 5th July 1838. John was a chemist and wine merchant.

Elizabeth died at her father’s residence, Alma Cottage, Basing


James Jones Fish, born 1841, Romsey, baptised 21st May 1841, Romsey – died November 1843, Romsey. Laid to rest 11th November 1843, at Romsey, the same day as his sister Louisa Fish.


Louisa Fish, born 1842, Romsey, baptised 21st December 1842, Romsey – died November 1843, Romsey. Laid to rest 11th November 1843, at Romsey, the same day as her brother James Jones Fish.


Sophia Louisa Fish, December 1844, Romsey, baptised 10th January 1845, Romsey. On the 22nd December 1874, at St. Mary the Virgin Church, Wanstead, Essex, Sophia married Charles Ernest Bullock, born September 1845, Pyrton, Oxfordshire. A Farmer. Sophia and Charles had 6 children. On the 7th June 1878, Sophia and Charles, 2 ½ year old Frederick Ernest, 1 ½ year old Ethel Frances and 2 month old Lilian Blanche arrived at the Port of New York, U.S.A. They had sailed Cabin Class aboard the S.S. ‘Denmark.’ The Bullock family made their home at Bostwick, Nuckolls County, Nebraska where Charles was a Farmer. Sophia Bullock died 31st January 1897, Bostwick, Nebraska. Laid to rest at Bostwick Cemetery, Nuckolls County, Nebraska. Charles remarried in August 1899, to 40 year old Hannah Bernard. Charles Bullock died 28th August 1905. Laid to rest at Oakland Cemetery, Douglas County, Oregon.


William Frederick Fish, born December 1846, Romsey, baptised 12th August 1847, Romsey. On the 11th December 1872, William, of 23, Elam Street, Holland Road, Brixton, obtained his Second Mate certificate. On the 13th March 1874, he obtained his First Mate certificate. On the 2nd November 1876, at St. Peter’s Church, Onslow Gardens, Middlesex, William, a Captain in the Merchant Navy, of 24, East India Dock Road, married Felicia Elizabeth Hugh, born 1846, Laugharne, Carmarthenshire, Wales – daughter of William Hugh, a butcher and Louisa Hugh, of Clifton Street, Laugharne. Felicia and William had 2 children. Felicia Fish died 7th April 1926, at her home 76, Goldsmith Avenue, Acton, Middlesex. Laid to rest 10th April 1926 at Acton Cemetery, London.




1841   Market Place, Warminster, Wiltshire.


Frederick was 14 years old, an Apprentice Draper. He was living at the home of his employer and his family.

James Carver Excell, 45, a Linen Draper.

Sarah Excell (nee Rogers), 40.

Walter Weller Excell, 11.

William Henry Excell, 10.

Ellen Jane Excell, 6.

Frederick Horatio Excell, 4.

Sarah Victoria Excell, 2.

Frances Elizabeth Excell, 5 months.

Thomas Low, 20, Linen Draper’s Assistant.

3 female domestic servants.


1861   Norwich Road, Ipswich.


Frederick was 33 years old, a Linen Draper. He was widowed and head of the household.

Frederick, 9.

stepsister – Elizabeth Ralphs Fish, 21, the family’s Housekeeper, born Romsey, Hampshire.

stepbrother – William Frederick Fish, 14, born Romsey.

visitor – Walter Edward Hamper, 26, a Linen Draper, born Bath, Somerset.

1 cook.

1 house servant.


1871   North Lodge, Anglesea Road, St. Matthew’s, Ipswich.


Frederick was 43 years old, a Linen Draper – employing 46 men & boys and 46 women. He was married and head of the household.

Elizabeth, 27.

Frederick, 19, a Linen Draper.

Cecil, 3.

Alice, 2.

Ethel, 1.

nephew – George Miller Light, 14, born Totton, Hampshire.

4 female domestic servants.


1881   North Lodge, Anglesea Road, St. Matthew’s, Ipswich.


Frederick was 53, a Draper – employing 90 females and 73 males. He was married and head of the household.

Elizabeth, 37.

Cecil, 13.

Oliver, 12.

Ethel, 11.

Muriel, 8.

Winifred, 5.

Isabel, 2.

1 cook.

1 parlourmaid.

1 housemaid.

1 nurse.

1 under nurse.

Frederick Fish’s headstone Whitton church.



Image courtesy of Mr. A. Gilbert – Ipswich Borough Council.

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