Queen Victoria’s Proclamation



It was with feelings of the most deep and poignant regret that the announcement to the public that King William IV., the Sailor King had on the 20th June 1837 died, at Windsor Castle. The news of the death reached Ipswich on Tuesday afternoon, and on the following morning, flags were hoisted half-mast high on the church steeples, the Custom House and upon the vessels lying in the port. A muffled bell at Saint Mary at the Tower was tolled, and some dozen shops were partly closed.


Our Most Gracious Majesty, Queen Alexandrina Victorian was proclaimed on the Town Hall on Thursday, in due form, by Mayor Frederick Seekamp, in the presence of the Aldermen, Justices, and Town Council, and afterwards under the portico of the Corn Exchange, the Post Office, the Custom House, and the New Market, amidst cheers of the populace.


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